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After School Program Registration.

Please click on your preferred option to the right to register your child for our After School Learn & Play Programs. If you have any questions please contact us at 914-361-3370. If you are registering for multiple days please call for a coupon code. 

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson


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June                        Full School Year               Full School Year

Mondays                      Mondays                      Monday - Friday

Tuesdays                    Tuesdays

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Thursdays                   Thursdays

Fridays                           Fridays

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Learn & Play Program

Elev8's After School Learn & Play Program has been a great experience for our 9 year old. Our son is able to focus on homework for the first part of each session and shift to physical activity and fun for the second part. He's a huge fan of the counselors and has loved spending time with his friends in the Elev8 environment. From a parents perspective, the shuttle from KES couldn't be more convenient. We originally planned on having him there only one day per week, but then quickly added a second . We are looking to see what Elev8 comes up with next!

Dave & Elena Becker, Katonah NY

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