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After School Club

Elev8 isn't just about sports. We offer a full service, year-round After School Club for all Elementary School Students. We offer shuttle services from select Bedford and KLSD Elementary Schools. Your child will be fully supervised their entire time at Elev8. The After School Club includes pick-up at your designated elementary school. Upon arrival at Elev8 children get unpacked and have snack time, then all children will be given a chance to get their daily exercise during the field sports class of the day.  After completing the class students will take part in 30min of quiet homework/reading time. After homework is completed they will take part in activities such as: Creative Arts, Dynamic Movement, Theatre & Dance, as well as other add-on options. All children are to be picked up by 6:30pm.


   2023-2024 School Year Rates & Schedules

                                                             (Pick-up - 6:30pm)

                                                Monthly Cost                     School Year Cost 

Two Days per week:                   $280                                   $2,520                 

Three Days per week:                $420                                    $3,780                 


Four Days per week:                  $560                                    $5,040                 


Five Days per week:                   $650                                     $6,300                

                                            **Rates Include Transportation from School**


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Limited Space is Available Please Register Early for the 2023-2024 School Season. We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!

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