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Youth Sports Clinics

Elev8 offers four sessions of clinics to youth athletes ranging in age from 5-16 years of age. Classes are 60 minutes in length on the same day and time each week. Clinics are offered in the following sports: Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Gaelic Football and Golf. See below for more information.

2023-2024 Season Schedule 
(Rough Dates / Please CALL for exact Schedule)

Session #1: Completed

Session #2: Completed

Session #3: February - April (Check classes for specific dates)
Session #4:  
May - June (Check classes for specific dates)


In conjunction with EAFC and their coaches, players work on foot skills, movement, passing, shooting, and field positioning. Clinics include; Fancy Feet (Beginners), Next Gen (Intermediate), Striker, Goalie, Finishing, and other Position Specific Classes. Clinics are a max of 10:1 player to coach ratios. Clinics change each season so please Click Below to learn what's available now. 

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Work on stick skills, ground balls, passing, shooting, and dodging. We offer both boys and girls specific clinics for players ages 5-14. Intro to Lax for K-2 aged players, Next Gen Lax for grades 3-5, and Advanced Lax for grades 6-8.

Clinics are 10:1 player to coach ratios. Clinics change each season so please Click Below to learn what's available now. 


Work on catching, throwing, hand-off exchanges, running, and offensive & defensive positioning. Clinics include a skills & drills session as well as scrimmage time. Clinics are 10:1 player to coach ratios.



Work on first touch, leading, hitting, passing, and flat-stick-tackling,  During the course the clinic, players will learn the fundamental, age-appropriate skills needed to have a successful team experience. While learning the requisite skills of the game, players will also learn the rules of play, and most importantly develop confidence to join team competition. 

Clinics are 10:1 player to coach ratios.


In conjunction with EA Baseball and their coaches, players will work on catching, throwing, ground balls, hitting, and base running.  Elev8 has clinics for players of all ages and levels. Starting with Pre T-ball for 3-5 year old players, T-Ball for 5-6 year old players, Next Gen for players 7-9 years of age, and Pre-Travel for players over 9 years of age. In addition we offer clinics for Pitchers and Catchers throughout the year. 

Clinics are 10:1 player to coach ratios.

Image by Brandon Mowinkel
Playing Volleyball


All players work on improving their situational awareness by actively scanning the court and anticipating the movement of the ball and oyher  players. Everyone will learn the roles of all positions on the court, and specific court awareness. Players will work on serve accuracy and consistency, passing accuracy, and defensive skills

Clinics are 10:1 player to coach ratios.


Beginner Players will learn the proper grips, stances, and swings of golf. Intermediate players will begin to learn how to score, and understand the rules of the game. Players will be taught by qualified golf professionals with access to modern new equipment.

Golf Iron
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