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Elev8 Athletics is home to one of Westchester county's fastest growing Theatre & Dance Programs. Elev8 has two newly renovated modern dance studios with state of the art sound systems and dance equipment. Qualified instructors will offer classes in ballet, tap, hip-hop, theatrical, modern, and jazz. In addition to these classes Elev8 will also offer classes in movement, agility, and balance for tots and beginners of all ages. Many classes culminate in a recital and our Theatre Program (Broadway Bows) puts on two shows per year. 

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Princess Ballet Classes

This class will cover the basic positions and the foundational movements of ballet. Each Class will have a warm-up, stretch, across the floor, and movement games. And don't forget to wear your favorite "Princess" dress to class (as long as they can move in it comfortably).

TUESDAY'S 3:30-4:15pm

3-5 Year Old's

Young Ballerinas

Ballet Classes

Ballet, being the basis of most dance is a great style for all dancers to take. Students will learn the basic techniques and gain strong and healthy muscle that will support them in-and-out of the studio. These classes will spend time at the barre, stretching, moving across the floor, and working on choreography.

TUESDAY'S 4-15-5:15pm

5-7 Year Old's

TUESDAY'S 5:15-6:15pm

8 Year's Old and Older

Group of little boys and girls dancing while having choreography class in the dance studio

Hip-Hop & Tumble Classes

This class uses "Top 40" and classic Hip-Hop music to move the class. The kids will spend time stretching, learning the basic hip-hop movements, gaining full body conditioning, and movement. Instructors use obstacle courses the prepare the students body for the basics of tumbling, working on such moves as; log rolls, mermaid rolls, and forward rolls. 

MONDAYS 3:30-4:15pm

3-5 Year Old's

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Hip-Hop Classes

This class will cover the different styles of Hip Hop, as well as the history of the style. Each class will have a warm-up, conditioning, across the floor activities, and choreography.

MONDAYS 4:15-5:15pm 6-7 Year Old's

MONDAYS 5:15-6:15pm 8+ Year Old's


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Creative Movement Classes

This class is for children that have never danced before but have shown an interest in movement and music. Through creative stretching, movement games, and whole body visual movements the dancers will gain confidence moving their bodies to the music. 

THURSDAY'S 3:30-4:15pm

AGES 3-4

SATURDAY'S 10:15-11:00AM

AGES 3-4

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Grown-up and Me Classes

This movement class is for our youngest dancers and their parents (o guardians) "Dads are encouraged". The adult MUST participate with the child t help them learn how their body can move. This class is based in movement games and repetitive movements to help build muscle memory and muscle strength.

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Musical Theatre Tap or Jazz Classes

This class is catered towards performers who prefer to be in musicals. The classes will be taught to Broadway music and will cover the basics of dance technique. The overall goal of this class is to help actors and singers gain confidence in their dance. Each class will have a warm-up, stretch, across the floor, and choreography.

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Dancers with Tap Shoes

Ballet & Tap Combo Classes

This combo class is a great way for young dancers to try out multiple styles of dance. The class will have 30 minutes of each style of dance. Since this class is split the dancers will have their warm-up in one style and then practice the basics of each style. The class will still have an across the floor in each style and learn choreography in each style. 

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2022 - 2023 Pricing and Plans

Non-Recital Classes 

10 months of weekly 45min classes (September - June)

Grown-up & Me : $900-

Hip-Hop & Tumble $900-

Creative Movement: $900-

Broadway Babies: $900-


Primary Level Classes with Recital Performance

10 months of weekly 60min classes (September - June)

Recital Costume / Accessories / Alterations / Exchanges if needed 

Recital Tights

  • Hip Hop

  • Princess Ballet

  • Ballet

  • Musical Theatre Tap or Jazz

  • Ballet & Tap

One Weekly Class: $1,225-

Two Weekly Classes: $2,325-

Three Weekly Classes: $3,475-

Four Weekly Classes: $4,725-


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Pop-Star Class

Does your child love to sing along with the radio?? Do they have dreams of being the next Kidz Bop Start or Disney Kid? This class will give them the confidence to sing and dance at the same time. It will also teach them to find the rhythm of any song and be able to free style dance to it. The class will have a warm-up, stretch, across the floor, lyric learning, and choreography.

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Broadway Theatre Classes

Winter 2022 Production


Children in smart carnival costumes on a plain background. Costume of sea fairy creatures.

Broadway Babies

A musical theatre based class for some of our younger dancers. This class is great for children who have big personalities & might be interested in doing musical theatre as they get older. The class will listen to Broadway music and learn the basics of dance technique that will help them learn choreography quickly as they get older. This is a 45min class that does NOT perform a recital.

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Broadway Bows

This program is for the performer who loves to do it all; sing, act, and dance. These performers will work towards performing a full production putting 2 productions on stage during the year. One performance in December and one performance in June. This program does NOT provide lessons but it does provide coaching during the process. 

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